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A stone fountain in a garden.

How To Accentuate A Water Feature In Your Landscaping

Everyone loves a water feature. Whether it’s the soothing sounds of a water fountain or a serenely still pond, adding a water feature to your landscape is a great way to add peace as well as interesting focal points to your yard. 

But all too often, water features end up overshadowed by other parts of the yard, and some of your guests may not even realize that you have a water feature at all! So what’s to be done to ensure that your water feature is at the front and center of everyone’s attention when they come into your yard?

There are a few different ways you can accentuate your water feature. If you haven’t installed any yet but are looking to, here are some water feature ideas to ensure that your fountain, pond, or even birdbath are the stars of your yard.

Think About The Different Kinds Of Water Features

There’s a whole host of water features to choose from. If you haven’t already installed one yet in your yard, consider what kind would work best for your yard’s size and layout. A small fountain in your garden may be the perfect option, or even a bucket-style fountain on your porch. Or you may have enough room for a big pond with a waterfall, or a striking water wall as a backdrop to an outdoor kitchen or dining area.

By finding a water feature that works with your yard, you’ll be more easily able to ensure it’s the highlight of your yard while staying cohesive to the overall design of your outdoor space. Take a look at some areas of inspiration, from rustic chic barrels and faucets to Japanese gardens, and find the perfect design for your home.

Consider The Location

While it might seem whimsical to install a secret fountain in the back corner of your yard, it may end up feeling more like a waste of money if no one ever finds it. Instead, install your water feature in a high traffic part of your yard and ensure that it’s fully visible. 

By having your fountain or pond as the main feature of your space, people will be able to properly enjoy it. Plus, it can add a sense of cohesiveness to your entire garden.

Add A Little Drama

For some, the sound of water alone is enough to create a soothing atmosphere. But if you want people to notice your water feature, you’ll want to highlight it. Consider adding a visual element that will immediately draw attention to your feature when someone steps into your outdoor space. 

Statues are a great option for this, whether they’re pricey, specially commissioned sculptures or stone figurines from the local thrift store or garden shop. You can also create beautiful waterfalls with natural stones that pour into a little pond, or create a tiered fountain with rectangular stones for a modern take on a water feature.

Create A Special Place For It

Sometimes, the best option to highlight something is to create a special space exclusively for it. A peaceful sitting area–whether it’s a bench beside a wall fountain designed for morning coffee or a full gazebo over a pond that’s made for brunch–is a great way to establish a space for your water feature that ensures it’s enjoyed.

Of course, because no two yards are alike, this option varies depending on size–you may not have room for a full gazebo and pond, after all. But even setting up a little area to sit beside your garden fountain is a great way to ensure people see it and, more importantly, enjoy what a water feature adds to an already beautiful space.

Incorporate It Into A High-Use Area

On the other hand, if you have an area of your outdoor space that already sees a lot of foot traffic, consider installing your water feature there instead. A small bucket fountain on your porch, for instance, can be a great conversation piece, and a waterfall in your pool is always a visually appealing addition to the focal point of your yard. 

You can even get more inventive, such as adding a water wall as a backdrop to a firepit, creating a space that’s guaranteed to get people talking. By placing your water feature in an area where people already gather, you can guarantee that they’ll be able to admire it.

Make It Functional

Rather than just having a water feature that sits there to be pretty, consider incorporating your water feature into something that’s essential to your yard. For instance, a water garden is a great way to create a unique garden space that doubles as a water feature. 

You could also consider getting koi fish to live in your pond–they’ll help keep it clean, and you get a beautiful pet in the deal. Or, if you’re not in the market to become a fish parent, a bird bath can offer a vibrant, engaging asset to your yard while helping out the local wildlife.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

Most water features are visually appealing in and of themselves, but you could always add more to your space to help draw the eye to it. Sculptures, like we mentioned before, are a great addition, as are waterfalls. But you could even incorporate other decorative structures, like bridges, birdhouses, or stepping stones to add even more whimsy to the space.

Additionally, there are more subtle ways to accessorize as well. Lighting can be used to ensure that your water feature is visible even after the sun goes down, and pathways can lead people right to it–or around it, depending on the type of feature installed. And don’t turn up your nose at plants, either; if you don’t want to create a full water garden, consider adding eye-catching plants that do well near water to help subtly draw the eye over while incorporating it into the overall look of your yard.

Keep Your Yard Well-Maintained

There’s nothing worse than a once-beautiful yard that’s left to go wild. Part of what can ensure the eye is drawn to your water feature is to ensure that nothing becomes overgrown. Keep ivy and grasses trimmed, and ensure flowers, shrubs, trees, and other landscaping elements are regularly cared for to ensure they don’t cover up your water features. 

Additionally, be sure to stay up to date on your water feature’s maintenance too. Ensure that water flow isn’t interrupted by leaves or other debris, and keep sculptures and structures clean to avoid growing unsightly algae over time. It’s also important to ensure that water levels are kept consistent–in the summer, ponds and bird baths may see a good deal of water evaporate in the hot air, and you’ll need to refill them to avoid them drying out altogether. Winterizing your water features is also essential; if you take care of them in the cold weather, they’ll be ready to use when the snow melts and your yard’s ready to be used again.

Installing a water feature in your yard can add so much to your garden space. Whether you want a dramatic waterfall or a soothing fountain, they’re a great way to create a peaceful, eye-catching element to an outdoor space, and you should draw attention to it in order for every guest–and you–can fully enjoy it.

If you’re looking to install a new water feature in your yard, or if you need some additions in order to truly highlight your existing water feature, Granite Landscape Centers are more than ready to help you bring your garden to life. Our team of experienced contractors are here to add landscaping, hardscaping, and any other elements you need to make your yard a dream come true. Contact us today, and let’s transform your yard into something beautiful.

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