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patio firepit lit during winter

Winter-Friendly Hardscaping Ideas for Your Utah Home

As every Utahn knows, winter comes cold and harsh every year, which can make things hard for plants. But that doesn’t mean you should give up the idea of having a beautiful garden!

Many local gardeners already know how using drought-resistant plants native to Utah can help their gardens flourish through Utah’s dry and hot summer months when there isn’t much water to spare, but what can be done during the winter months to ensure your garden is still able to be enjoyed even in the snow? The answer is this: hardscaping!

What’s Hardscaping?

Hardscapes, or hardscaping, are the parts of your outdoor space that are not alive. This is a broad category, including everything from rocks and pathways to pergolas and patios. Unlike the softscapes–the greenery, like grass and flowers–hardscapes are largely unaffected by the weather and can be enjoyed year-round, including during the winter months. 

When considering your landscape design, this is definitely an area worth considering, especially given how much snow Utah gets. While the full extent of what you want to install in your yard is up to you and your landscaping crew, here are a few of our suggestions on what to add to make your Utah-friendly garden a haven even in the snow.

Consider a Container Garden

Never heard of a container garden? It allows you to get the best of both worlds with pots, barrels, and planters to grow your plants instead of putting them in traditional flower beds. Not only does this give your yard a quirky charm while reducing the amount of water you need to use (even with drought tolerant plants), it’s a breeze to take care of in the wintertime.

When the air starts getting a bit chilly, you’re able to just pick up your garden and move your plants inside. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you have room for all your pots and planters before you start planting, though–otherwise your home might be dominated by plants that require toastier temperatures until the spring thaw.

Rock the Rock Garden

If you want a garden, but don’t want the hassle of plants at all, a rock garden may be your best option. These easy to maintain yard additions can take the form of peaceful zen gardens or grand displays of rocks and crystals, but no matter what, they’re a low-maintenance way of beautifying your yard.

By using different sizes of rock–from giant boulders to tiny bits of gravel–you can craft a stunning space that doesn’t need any greenery to turn heads. Rocks, of course, aren’t bothered by any season, and they’ll stand tall through hot, dry summers and freezing, snowy winters with no threat of wilting.

Perfect Patios

Is there anything better than time spent sitting out on a patio and enjoying the fresh air? While it might be a little chilly to step out on the patio during the winter, it’s still a great spot for snowball fights and enjoying a warm drink during the snowfall of the season.

Talk to your landscaper about the types of materials to use for your patio to ensure it can be enjoyed all year long. There are many options that will stand up well to the heaviest snowfall, and you can even add some heaters if you want to enjoy the outdoors even on the coldest of days.

Fabulous Fire Pits

If you really love the fun of going out on a snowy day, then a firepit is the best thing you can add to your yard. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows on a summer night or keeping warm on a frosty day, a firepit is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family.

By building your firepit with rocks or metal, you can ensure they’re not affected by the snow. And you can decide yourself whether you want a gas-based firepit or a wood one–just get in contact with your landscaper and figure out which one is best for your yard’s needs.

Spruce Things Up With Native Plants

We’ve mentioned how drought-resistant plants are an essential part of a Utahn garden, but there are plenty of  trees, bushes, and other plants native to Utah that thrive all year round.

Serviceberries, buckwheats, and Utah holly are all water-wise plants that are great ways to add a bit of life to your garden. Since Utah is their home, they’re fully acclimated to the variety of weather conditions that are common to our state.

You can even replace a traditional lawn with native ground cover, like creeping juniper or spotted deadnettle, which not only thrives in all kinds of Utahn weather, but can cut down on your mowing time, too!

Winter-Proof Irrigation

While this isn’t a part of your garden you’ll see, you should still keep the winter months in mind when deciding on your irrigation and sprinkler system. Be sure to bury your pipes 8-12 inches underground to avoid them bursting during the cold temperatures.

If you can, Utah water savers should also consider drip irrigation. This method of irrigation allows the deep roots of plants to get water directly, which reduces the amount of water used and ensures the equipment is deep enough to avoid being harmed by the cold. Not to mention how it can help you lower your water bill, too!

Hardscaping your yard is a great way to craft a low-maintenance landscape that looks beautiful all year round, whether in the blazing sun or the bright snow. If you’re considering updating your space, it’s certainly something to include in your designs for year-round elegance and use.

When it comes to Utah landscaping, you need to choose a landscaper that actually knows the area. Granite Landscape Center is your premier destination for all your landscaping needs in northern Utah. As a local company run by local people, we know exactly what your yard needs to flourish, and we’re ready to work with you to create an incredible outdoor space that fits you, your home, and your family. 

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