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Flagstone Sunrise 1 1/2" Selects Pallet

Per pallet

Sunrise Flagstone Selects are exquisite blond quartzite sandstone pieces, known for their exceptional hardness and durability. The captivating marbling, boasting shades of red, brown, and rust, adds a stunning touch to any landscape setting. These generously sized stones are truly magnificent.

Quartzite flagstone comes in a range of sizes, from 1 1/4” to 2”. It shares the same parent material as Sandstone slabs.

This versatile stone is commonly used for various applications such as patios, pathways, benches, waterfalls, sculptures, steps, dry stack retaining walls, stone veneer, and fire pits.

When it comes to installation, this flagstone product is similar to the Sunrise Flagstone Patio 1 ¼” to 2”, but with larger pieces. For larger-scale projects with extensive surface areas, it is recommended to use selects. By carefully arranging the selects, you can create the illusion of large slabs on a patio or walkway. Keep in mind that this product is usually delivered on heavier pallets, with the stones stacked on their edges to minimize breakage.

Kindly note that individual items from Sunrise Selects may not always be readily accessible.

Currently out of stock; expected to be available April 2024.

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Pallet Coverage

  • Each pallet will cover approximately 200 – 230 square feet
  • Coverage may vary

Common uses: Decorative blond sandstone for hardscape materials.

Please note: We recommend that customers visit our location in person to view the products before placing an order. Additionally, as this is a natural rock, colors may vary slightly as digging progresses through different veins in the mountain. Therefore, even the same rock may have slight color differences over time.